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Branding Identity

(CONCEPT PROJECT) Concept electrolytic formula water drink branding, based on Pink Himalayan Salts. First version conceptualised in 2011. Revised and extended in 2019. Please visit the Extended Behance® showcase.

Featuring a full self-learning exploration within Squarespace Version 7.1. Please view the upload above for evidence of CSS customisations.

A full feature conceptual brand proposal document is available upon request.

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2008,2023 AW™ / Andrewwiguna.com / nutritional-humility.me Originally CSS-customised in Squarespace® 7.0 ("York" Theme). Manually Front-end re-developed with YCode, 2023. Strictly only sample selection of works are displayed. (NDA Readapted) works indicate deliberate alterations and in many cases - full end-to-end branding identity reworks to respect non disclosure anonymity. Full time-tracked proof-of-labours are available upon enquiry. All efforts showcased here have not relied upon, nor resorted through "assistive technology", "algorithmic generation/ generative art", "artificial intelligence", or "Chat GPT".