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Multi-Disciplinary Creative and aspiring Author.


My Name is Andrew Wiguna. I have accumulated seven prior years of agencies and to this day continued freelance opportunity and self-learning directives across a broad array experiences ranging from graphic design, branding strategies, web visualisation, prototyping, wireframing, front-end authoring / customisation (Squarespace® and Wordpress) and all the way to video-editing and motion graphics (Apple® Ecosystem - Motion & FCPX).

I graduated from Central TAFE Western Australia School of Art, Design and Media for three years to have acquired an Adv. Diploma of Graphic Design in 2006 majoring in Multimedia 4D Design (with Certificate IV & Diploma of Graphic Design 2 years prior). Through Recognition of Prior Learning - this led me to my Undergraduate Bachelor Of Arts / Graphic Design Major Degree from Curtin University of Western Australia in late 2007.

Entirely self taught in UX, UI and Digital Design particularly Atomic Principle Design Systems; I am currently employed and serving an (NDA / Non-disclosure) role. However I remain open for industry connections relative to my interests primary and/or secondarily outside of my career.


The "multi-disciplinary" within me encompass broadly throughout many prior years of Adobe® and alternative suite of applications depending on industry and context of use. For complete and exhaustive list please refer to my LinkedIN® public profile.

I surround my creative design approaches, in any given project ~ acknowledging the importance of triple "C"s. The Context, Content and Compromise. No matter what realm of serviceship ~ all consultancies in one way, shape or form bound to reconcile these non-negotiable inputs during discovery and/or early acquaintance(s).

I confide within my own canvas of skills. I value above all ~ mutual respect for duty of care, and nuanced attention from project-to-project.

Lateral interests

Outside the Creative industry, I am an aspiring author. Since 2015 my concept initiative and manuscript (Nutritional-humility.me) aims to envision itself as both a channel and a dialogue for Decentralised (or unorthodox) nutritional science.

I confide in the level of scientific nuances, wherever possible, responsible and/or appropriate; via the above main website or the Youtube® Channel which I also maintain and produce content. I appreciate your viewership and should your interests coincide, leave a comment or your thoughts and I shall respond at my timely discretion.


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Nutritional-humility.me (under rebrand)

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