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Do you use any “Automation”, “Artificial Intelligence” or “Chat GPT” at all in your line of work?

In general, no. I do not rely on pre-deterministic inputs. Knowing that whatever results generated ~ did not originate from my own efforts, if at all.

My serviceship pledges around authenticity, humility and pragmatism. I am not easily swayed by immediate lure(s) of new conventions. Therefore, I hereby remain skeptical of Artificial Intelligence's implication(s). At least, until such use become equitable in terms of benevolence, and that all expectations remain mutually conscious ~ then I may revise my stance.

What is your current availability?

I am currently serving a Full Time Role as a cross disciplinary creative inbetween digital design, interfacing, prototyping as well as maintaining full spectrum of prior proficiencies on branding identities, graphic design, stationery, motion graphics, video editing and style-guide advisory.

Thus, my freelancing availability throughout foreseeable circumstances at present remains very limited. However I remain open for any industry connections relative to my primary and/or lateral interests not necessarily confined to creative industries alone.

Please use the general contact form above or the provided email address and I shall endeavour to respond. Alternatively I invite you to visit my LinkedIN® Profile.

Do you have an hourly rate of your services?

Due to likely haphazard misconceptions and accountability mistreatments - I generally do not accept hourly-rate arrangements. I instead operate on Per Project / Whollistic amount basis payable in two deposits - one as initial 25% to commence acceptance and the other immediately upon completion (75%).

I aim to deliver value-based principle behind all that I offer, drawn from my experience(s) throughout the creative industry.

Do you accept Spec-Work?

Spec Work (condensed for "Speculation-Works" or "visual staging" without prior compensations) both undermines and harms the value of all professional consultancies in and out of the Design & Creative industries. I strictly forbid and refuse such a request. Irrespective of withholding incentives. 

Understandably - given the decentralised nature of freelancing no doubt entice prospective clienteles, small businesses and corporations - to seek and harvest unpaid volunteerism under supposed graces of “experiences”. This is neither tolerated nor advocated.

What is a Project Proposal and how long should I wait to receive it?

A Project Proposal is a contract consequenting the beginnings of a professional, working contract between you and I provided adequate briefing on your project's Context, Content and Compromises.

A Project Proposal is entirely written and offered at no cost from me, however you will first and foremost be required to provide the adequate briefing as well as also 24 to 36 hours for me to adequately tailor the Proposal, unique to your circumstance.

A Project Proposal outlines as the title suggest, outline, overview and budget tailored and value-assessed to your circumstance. The budget in particular is set uniquely per-project / per-case basis as One (1) wholistic amount; payable in two (2) Deposits. First as 25% to commence all labour. And 75% remaining upon deemed completion.

Please also consider the per-project-case Terms & Conditions, the Proposal’s Expiry Date as well as Late Payment Interest penalties sections. You will then be obliged to express your decision either to proceed or not to proceed. By way of written response.

Verbal declaration as simply “go ahead” notice - is not adequate legal evidence.

When will I receive the Project's Proposal?

I strive to respond all enquiries within 36 hours, subject to nuance, depth and context. I pledge mutual faith for you to submit as much detail possible, as this will assist me to promptly respond with both accuracy and relevancy. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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