Atomic Principle Design System

Digital Design

A learning initiative.

Atomic Principle Design System in Figma. For Web / Digital Design industry prospectives outreach. Approximately two years+ of entirely self taught and learning process. Fully prototyped with options, toggles and variants for both Web and App specific environments.

Speculative / trial spec works surrounding the demonstration, usage, and implementation of this Atomic Principle Design System is available. However, due to the sheer depth and nuance, this may not be adequately showcased in timely condensed manner.

"Atomic Principle", and "Design System" are emerging industry workflows currently under mass global adoption within UX, UI, Digital Design and Product Design industries; in courtesy of Brad Frost ~ from Brad Frost Design.

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2008,2023 AW™ / / Originally CSS-customised in Squarespace® 7.0 ("York" Theme). Manually Front-end re-developed with YCode, 2023. Strictly only sample selection of works are displayed. (NDA Readapted) works indicate deliberate alterations and in many cases - full end-to-end branding identity reworks to respect non disclosure anonymity. Full time-tracked proof-of-labours are available upon enquiry. All efforts showcased here have not relied upon, nor resorted through "assistive technology", "algorithmic generation/ generative art", "artificial intelligence", or "Chat GPT".